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Helen Faulkner Ceramics  - artist in residence

Helen Faulkner hand throws contemporary tableware. Her work is designed with food in mind, from the comforting curve of the coffee mug that rests in the hand, to serving dishes inspired by meals with family and friends. Each piece starts as a ball of rich chocolate coloured clay that is formed on the potter’s wheel before being coated in creamy liquid clay. During the Making It Programme Helen will be developing new work to add to her current range as well as teaching classes from the centre including one to one throwing experiences.

Throughout the month of August Helen will be inviting you into her studio through an open day on Saturday 6th August as well as using social media to give an insight to her working day.  Through Instagram and Facebook Helen will be updating you daily on what she is working on in the studio as well as the events that are happening in the arts centre as part of August Crafts Month run by Craft NI.

Check in with Helen regularly to keep up to date with new workshops and events.

Helen Faulkner Ceramics  





Aug 1: Welcome to the Studio. For August Craft Month I’m opening up the studio through social media to give people a look into what happens in the studio, from making pots to packing up orders and everything in between. Read more..

Aug 2: Today was quite a varied day in the studio. Packing up an order always takes longer than you think! Read more...

Aug 3: Alongside my standard tableware I love working on commissions and projects. Often these involve using a different type of clay than I normally use so this means a massive studio clean Read more...

Aug 4: Today has been a busy one! so not a long post I'm afraid. This morning I headed down to Scarva Pottery Supplies in Bandbridge to pick up some glaze materials as the buckets are looking a little empty. Read more..

Aug 8: All week we’ve been setting up for Alchemy, it’s been a very relaxed set up thanks to the staff here at Down Arts Centre. 6 of the makers from the Making It Programme run by Craft Northern Ireland are exhibiting work that has been developed while working on the programme. Read more...

Aug 9: (Guest - Wendy Ward) "I love design and I believe great designs are based on great stories". Wendy designs and handcrafts bespoke porcelain lighting collections which include pendants, table lamps and tea lights. Read more..

Aug 14: On Thursday I went to a talk by Patricia Van Den Akker from The Design Trust. It was about marketing and selling online. Read more..

Aug 16: (Guest - Malcolm Murchison) "I have enjoyed a busy career which included making creatively from time to time...currently I am grateful to have a place on Craft NI’s “Making It” scheme as a full-time potter and artist, working with the ceramic processes. Read more..