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Adult Classes

Down Arts Centre


This class involves fluid and slow body and mind exercises to develop mindfulness and movement skills. 

Fri 07 September 2018 Fri 12 October 2018

Down Arts Centre


Mindfulness is about learning to be in the present moment, by developing awareness over the mind and body activities.

This class will support you to develop a regular mindfulness practice which can help you to reduce stress levels and enjoy life fully.

Thu 13 September 2018 Thu 13 December 2018

Down Arts Centre

Learn how use a variety of Cake Decorating techniques, enabling you to create beautiful cakes with a professional finish.






Mon 17 September 2018 Mon 19 November 2018

Down Arts Centre

On this inspirational course you will learn the basic principles of hand knitting: knit and purl stitches, simple shaping, textural stitches, lace, cables, knitting in the round, colour work, decorative cast on techniques and simple consruction methods for folk mittens and socks.

Tue 18 September 2018 Tue 04 December 2018

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