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Financial Climate by Belinda Loftus

Down Arts Centre

Fri 02 November 2018 Sat 24 November 2018

Financial Climate by Belinda Loftus

The financial world and the climate have been dramatically in the news over the past ten years. The works in this show explore how they are linked, in a wide range of paintings and drawings,




often  made on top of existing images from sources like newspapers and stock market reports.

Here you can watch big business and finance affecting the weather, see slow nature challenging and being challenged by stock market flash traders, and encounter the real Worldbank.

While doing so, you will move among constellations, polar regions, trees, birds, moths and even the odd human. As they say in restaurants, “Enjoy”.

Date:               Friday 2 November  -  Saturday 24 November

Time:             During Centre opening hours

Price:               Free

Venue:             Down Arts Centre

Artist:              Belinda Loftus