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As Crow Flies by Irene Uhlemann

Down Arts Centre

Thu 29 March 2018 Sat 28 April 2018

As Crow Flies by Irene Uhlemann

The ancient Egyptians did not differentiate between word and image – one word described both. 

Poetry’s lyricism and paint’s fluidity complement each other; in this show I use both.  My fascination for crows and Hughes visceral crow poems are the basis for this work that is emotional and immediate; there are no preparatory drawings and I have worked straight onto the surface with each piece I have made.


From Dublin Uhlemann studied Fine Art and has exhibited in Ireland (north and south), USA. She currently works from a studio in Dublin. Primarily a painter she also makes artists books.


Date:               Thursday 29 March - Saturday 28 April

Time:              During Centre opening hours

Price:               Free

Venue:            Down Arts Centre

Artist:             Irene Uhlemann