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In Detail

Down Arts Centre

Fri 06 October 2017 Sat 28 October 2017

In Detail

I am a local  artist  living and working in Northern Ireland, I am very passionate about my country and want to promote what is good about our environment around the world.

Through my work I am striving to create a  different way of looking at what we see every day; everybody  in Northern Ireland knows the City Hall or the Opera house  or the Albert clock, but seldom do we actually look at the detail or beauty of our built environment.

My work explores the detail and expands it into a kaleidoscope of colour and pattern. I want to encourage people to have a different  and positive view of our culture. I have studied in minute detail landmarks of our country, buildings such as the Opera  House, the City Hall, Clonard Monastery photographically mapping the form and surface of traditional and modern landmarks. Then focusing on small elements have cut and joined the image together creating a symmetrical kaleidoscopic view. I hope to encourage the viewer to realise the beauty  in the environment  around us, environment that we walk past everyday and ignore or take for granted.

My work emphasises the positive aspect of our culture. The legacy of the past has been a source for many artistic works, through my work I want people to appreciate the strength and beauty of our environment and not dwell on the past showing what we all know but in a very new and dynamic way.



Date                   Friday 6 October – Saturday 28 October

Time                   During Centre opening hours

Price                    Free

Venue                  Down Arts Centre

Artist                   Kevin Hamilton