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Newcastle Pomenade

Sunday 1 July

Ballylone Concert Flute Band

3 – 5pm


Sunday 22 July

Bailies Mills Accordion Orchestra

3 – 5pm


Sunday 26 August

Warrenpoint Silver Band



Sun 01 July 2018 Sun 26 August 2018

Newcastle Community Cinema

‘Further Ted’ brings two of the most memorable characters from Father Ted together for a night of stand-up and musical comedy with a chance to compete in a "Lovely Girls" competition.


20 July 2018

Newcastle Community Cinema

The Illegals are back in Newcastle with their unique Rumours of Hotel California show in celebration of two classic rock albums from two iconic rock bands.

21 July 2018

Newcastle Community Cinema

Rock around the clock with Northern Ireland’s only 1950s/60s Rock n Roll band, The Soda Popz!


This sensational seven piece band returns to Newcastle to pay a memorable tribute to some of the best-loved hits from that fabulous era. 

27 July 2018

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