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Down Arts Centre

Yarns is an exhibition which celebrates the story behind our art and the materials we use.  Exhibition visitors can expect to find pieces - from traditional quilting through to multi-media contemporary artworks -

Fri 03 August 2018 Sat 25 August 2018

Down Arts Centre

Amongst his many on-going creative projects, artist and writer Kieron Black has illustrated over twenty children’s books for publishing houses both in Ireland and the UK, always wondering if he would one day be putting illustrations to his own children’s story. 

Fri 31 August 2018 Sat 29 September 2018

Down Arts Centre

Refers to the proverb dating from the 13th century that exists in various versions, in different cultures and times.

Fri 05 October 2018 Sat 27 October 2018

Down Arts Centre

The financial world and the climate have been dramatically in the news over the past ten years. The works in this show explore how they are linked, in a wide range of paintings and drawings,




Fri 02 November 2018 Sat 24 November 2018

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