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Down Arts Centre

I’m a self-taught artist and illustrator. My passion is in the finer details, construction, form & texture, being able to perfectly capture a subject with a pencil stroke gives me such a sense of achievement. 

Fri 30 November 2018 Sat 22 December 2018

Down Arts Centre

Aidan’s new exhibition examines the characteristics of Northern Ireland as perceived by a post troubles artist living and growing up in rural County Down.

Fri 11 January 2019 Sat 02 February 2019

Down Arts Centre

Artist Gavin Porter presents a collection of recent works on paper.

Thu 07 February 2019 Sat 02 March 2019

Down Arts Centre

Alan Thomson is a fine art photographer specialising in traditional black and white photography, using vintage large format cameras. 

Fri 08 March 2019 Sat 06 April 2019

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