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Down Arts Centre

Simon & Garfunkel: Through the Years performed by Bookends is a unique concert, which celebrates the unforgettable music of Simon & Garfunkel.

29 June 2018

Newcastle Pomenade

Sunday 1 July

Ballylone Concert Flute Band

3 – 5pm


Sunday 22 July

Bailies Mills Accordion Orchestra

3 – 5pm


Sunday 26 August

Warrenpoint Silver Band



Sun 01 July 2018 Sun 26 August 2018

Newcastle Community Cinema

‘Sink or Slim’ is a classic Sam Cree comedy set in the 1960’s in a Health Farm run by the owner Mrs Babbington. She is a formidable lady who rules with a rod of iron and who feeds her pet poodle better than her paying guests. 


Fri 06 July 2018 Sat 07 July 2018

Newcastle Community Cinema

The award winning Newcastle Glees Musical Society present an evening of summer song featuring timeless classics from musical theatre including songs from their recent smash hit musical ‘Sister Act’


14 July 2018

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