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From Mountain to Sea

Down Arts Centre

Fri 01 September 2017 Sat 30 September 2017

From Mountain to Sea

Often I look out the front door and see Slieve Donard . It can change from dark blue to brown to green or just disappear in the mist.   


Leaving the mountain , we love to walk down to the sea at Murlough or Keel Point. The beach , the sea are never the same . From calmness to wind in your face, high tide or the vast beach with the sea in the distance.

These are the elements that I use in my paintings. I do not want to reproduce what I see, but interpreting into a personal image reflecting my feelings for landscape or seascape


Date               Friday1 September– Saturday 30 September

Time              During Centre opening hours

Price               Free

Venue             Down Arts Centre

Artist               John Breakey